Pet Friendly Cottages - Magaliesburg, Gauteng.

A Better Rest Than All The Rest....

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Pets welcome!

Dogs are allowed to run free when going on walks; however it is advisable to keep a leash handy just in case. Dogs that are more territorial should rather be kept on a leash while walking at Saamrus. With more than a kilometre of leafy riverside walks as well as another 500 ha of indigenous bush and veld walks, you and your dog(s) will certainly get lots of exercise and enjoyment. Please see Terms and Conditions.

The fenced garden is to keep your dogs safe when you relax at the cottage, but not for leaving pets behind while you go on long excursions in the area. You will find that most places in the area can be visited with your dog on a leash; however it is advisable to check first before visiting certain venues. If you plan lots of excursions during your stay, rather leave the dogs at home with a friend or at a kennel.

You are welcome to take your dogs along when you eat at restaurants where we’ve made special arrangements for our guests to visit with their 4 legged family members on a leash.

Contact Us

Cell no: 0724871733


We are social!

Pets Welcome!

magaliesburg pet friendly accommodation
All breeds of friendly, socialized and house-trained dogs are welcomed at Saamrus. Cats and birds are also welcome to visit. As your pets are part of the family, they are allowed inside the units.

Walks & Hikes

magaliesburg activities gauteng
Our walks and hikes have made us famous. We have more than a kilometre of river front walks amongst leafy trees as well as 500 ha of hiking in indigenous forest and grassland in the foothills of the Magalies Mountains. 
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Abundant Nature

magaliesburg nature reserve accommodation
Saamrus is all about tranquillity, solitude and reconnecting with nature. Get down to earth and leave behind the stresses of the city. Explore nature and find yourself again.

Romantic Getaway

magaliesburg romantic getaway accommodation
If you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner and would prefer the more affordable option of Self Catering Accommodation, Saamrus is within easy reach for a quick breakaway from Johannesburg and Pretoria.